Nunan Farm Machinery supply the TERRADISC T which is a trailed, folding compact disc harrow has a working width of 4 to 6 m and is transported on a dedicated chassis. This protects the hitch on your tractor and reduces compaction at the headland. On the road the machine is supported by the transport chassis. In the working position at the headland the machine runs on the rear roller. This takes the pressure off the tractor hitch and also reduces soil compaction.

Compact disc harrows with a working width of 6 m Our trailed TERRADISC 4001 T / 5001 T / 6001 T compact disc harrows have a working width of 4 to 6 m and increased manoeuvrability thanks to lower linkage mounting. All TERRADISC T models are transported using a dedicated chassis. TERRADISC trailed disc harrows feature a compact frame.

Practical drawbar The drawbar is connected to the lower linkage and top link lugs. Optimum ground clearance at headlands and during transport can be adjusted precisely to each tractor thanks to a choice of top link positions. A drawbar and transport chassis can also be retro-fitted to TERRADISC K models for even greater flexibility.

  • The linkage yoke is hooked up to the lower arms using clevis type mountings.
  • A telescopic drawbar is also available. This enables a steering angle of 95° up to a tractoroverall width of 4.20 m.
  • A ring hitch is also offered as an option.

Front board A front board is available as an option to level the soil in front of the discs. Even large clods are broken up by this heavy-duty tool. Reliable through clearance is provided for larger levels of harvest residues. A level soil surface is guaranteed as a result.

Rugged transport chassis The wheel chassis is mounted directly to the main frame and linked to the headstock. The wide chassis with 500/45- 17 tyres travels smoothly on the road. Air brakes or hydraulic brakes are offered as additional equipment options. These systems enhance safety at maximum permissible speeds and together with the parking brake comply with all road safety legislation. The transport chassis ensures that the weight acting on the hitch and rear axle of the tractor is minimised. During operation the wheel chassis is folded far forwards in front of the rear roller. Trailed models also feature hydraulic accumulators for smooth operation in the field. At the headland the TERRADISC T is raised onto the rear roller and its weight distributed across the whole working width.

Tandem CONOROLL roller The tandem CONOROLL consists of two rollers with bar thickness of 8 mm. The diameter of the rings is 560 mm. Ideally suited to trailed TERRADISC machines. The rollers overlap each other and each has a footprint equal to 50 % of the working width. This is especially well suited to light soil.

  • The inclination of the roller can be quickly adjusted using a lock pin to allow for the working depth and operating conditions.
  • No scrapers required; rollers self-clean effectively.
  • Raised on rear roller at headlands, so there are no problems reversing the machine.
  • Side-mounted edging boards that can pivot guarantee smooth operation in harvest residues and stony areas

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