Nunan Farm Machinery supply the TERRADISC K – the mounted, folding compact disc harrow with a working width of 4 to 6 metres and increased maneuverability. The TERRADISC models 4001 K / 5001 K / 6001 K offer you a choice of working widths between 4 and 6 metres. The large folding disc harrows have been developed for high output stubble cultivation and general seedbed preparation.

Folding compact disc harrows for hitch-mounting TERRADISC mounted disc harrows feature a compact frame. Three lower linkage heights with Cat. II/2 and Cat. III/3 clevis type mountings are standard. The three top linkage positions give optimum adjustment to fit all tractors.

Convenient operation Working depth is quickly pre-set hydraulically without risk to the operator. Depth adjustment of the rear rollers and levelling tines is fine-tuned using swing clips on the hydraulic cylinders. Access to the swing clips is easy and safe on both sides. The weight of the rear rollers is transferred to the disc harrow for reliable soil penetration.

Road Transport Hydraulic folding enables convenient and trouble-free road transport at a width of 2.80 m. The disc harrows are folded in two halves to achieve a low transport height. The automatic transport interlocks are operated by hydraulically actuated lock pins.

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