The TERRADISC compact disc harrow is designed specifically for stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation. Thanks to the compact design and aggressive disc angle, reliable penetration and excellent mixing in of harvest residues is ensured.

Perfect penetration

  • Perfect entry thanks to aggressive disc angle
  • Blockage-free operation thanks to large clearances
  • Extended service life with tempered and forged parts
  • Worked soil – uniform and level finish following consistent movement

The best soil movement A uniform level finish with the best mixing performance meets farmer’s and contractor’s expectations in the field. To achieve this, PÖTTINGER has optimised the geometry, size, plus both mounting angle and penetration angle of the discs. The result: low draft, perfect penetration, the best tilth and mixing effect, even in dry soil. The high tare weight of the TERRADISC also ensures the dependable performance of this disc harrow.

TWIN ARM Two solid forged carrier arms are welded to every wide clamping bracket. This ensures that the discs always retain their position and angle. Even in heavy, dry soil it is impossible for them to deviate to the side – hard wheel marks are broken up consistently.

Clever tillage tools The rugged scalloped discs made of special heat-treated steel have a diameter of 580 mm. Eight discs per metre of working width equate to a spacing of just 12.5 cm. The optimised interplay of ground penetration angle and mounting angle ensure perfect performance. The offset configuration of the aggressive discs mixes harvest residues effectively into the soil.

For and extended service life The strong rugged discs made of special heat-treated steel have an optimum diameter. The disc diameter of 580 mm and material thickness of 5 mm ensure a long service life. You benefit from extended replacement intervals as a result. Perfect penetration TERRADISC

Generous inter-disc clearance Ideal cultivating results are achieved thanks to optimum spacing of the discs.

  • Plenty of space between discs and carrier arms.
  • The carrier arms are angled facing the direction of rotation so that the risk of stones or harvest trash becoming lodged between the disc and arm is greatly reduced.
  • A large clearance between the disc and clamping bracket means large quantities of organic matter can easily pass through.

Tractors with up to 190 hp have a huge range of hitch geometries. The range of mounting options offered by the headstock ensures excellent ground penetration and sufficient transport height. Three lower linkage heights with Cat. 2/2 and Cat. 3/3 clevis-type mounting lugs are standard. The headstock angle can be adjusted and with three top linkage positions optimum adaptation to any tractor is guaranteed. The compact frame is a trademark of the mounted TERRADISC harrow. Unique open frame design provides a perfect view of both disc gangs from the driver’s seat. The first gang of discs is very close to the tractor for a very favourable centre of gravity. Compact, short design guarantees smooth and stable operation of the implement.

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