Nunan Farm Machinery supplies the SERVO 6.50 Semi-mounted plough c/w rotary joints for tractors up to 360 HP to Limerick, Cork, Clare and Kerry.

The SERVO 6.50 semi-mounted plough combines the characteristics of a mounted plough with those of a semi-mounted plough. Tractive force is transferred directly to the plough beam by the main beam bearing, whilst the land wheel is guided by a steering linkage.

 Robust headstock gives long service life The headstock is comprised of Cat. 3 clevis type mounting lugs with a fold away parking stand. The ploughs heavy duty turn over shaft is equipped with mounted bearings which allow smooth turn over. This facilitates maneuvering and the tractors turning angle is increased dramatically due to the wide angled turn over shaft. Intelligent design Minimum crabbing and maximum directional stability thanks to reversing axle headstock being close to the tractor and providing ideal straight pull line. Tractive force is transferred directly to the plough beam via the main plough beam bearing right at the front – positive pull line similar to a mounted plough.

  • The first plough body is positioned far forwards – compact, manoeuvrable design.
  • The support wheel is guided by a steering linkage.
  • Quick setting of front furrow width with a large adjustment range – mechanical or hydraulic.

Extra strong plough beam tube 7×7″ / 180 x 180 mm (1) The extremely strong plough beam, made from micro-alloyed fine grain steel, is designed for tractors up to 265 kW / 360 hp.

  • Solid leg mountings on both sides with replace with shear bolt as overload protection on standard and PLUS ploughs.
  • The body brackets are hardened for the hardest of work.

Support wheel 500/45-22.5 Set working depth using the tractor hitch and fine tune at the land wheel – quick and easy to find the correct position with swing clips at 0.59″ / 15 mm intervals. The wheel is within the path of the plough beam – ideal for fence line ploughing.

TRACTION CONTROL TRACTION CONTROL is available as an option to provide defined loading of the tractor rear axle. A cylinder connected to gas accumulators transfers constant weight to the tractor’s rear wheels. The loading pressure can be adjusted from the tractor. The great advantage with TRACTION CONTROL is that there is less wheel slip and therefore greater fuel savings. Lighter tractors can work with more furrows making them more cost effective. Switches off automatically in the transport position and while turning.

For more information contact our sales team; Mark 0874190880 or Maurice 0872594263