Nunan Farm Machinery supplies the SERVO 45 M heavy mounted reversible plough with reinforced tilting trestle to Limerick, Cork, Clare and Kerry.

For tractors up to 240hp Increasingly powerful tractors operate mounted ploughs with more than four furrows. Fast road travel and large inter-body spacing demand a robust headstock, powerful turnover mechanism and box-section plough beam.

Headstock The full-length mounting axle can be adjusted to four positions and has an anti-twist lock. The correct position on the tractor and optimum clearance at all times.

Turnover shaft

SERVO 45 M diameter 130 mm.

  • The reversing unit made from tempered cast steel is not welded to the turnover shaft.
  • The hydraulic hoses pass through the hollow shaft preventing trapping of the hoses during reversing.
  • The heavy-duty tapered roller bearings are reliably protected from dirt and locked with an adjustable castellated nut.
  • The beam angle is adjusted using two turnbuckles.

Four top link positions Including two slotted holes for faster penetration and lower linkage control. The extra-thick top link retention plate is hardened and guarantees a snug fit for the top link pin.

Body holder The tempered leg mounting brackets have a large clamping surface to resist high stress. The bracket surrounds the plough beam with a large contact area for optimum transfer of forces to the beam.

For more information contact our sales team; Mark 0874190880 or Maurice 0872594263