Nunan Farm Machinery supplies the SERVO 35 medium mounted reversible plough to Limerick, Cork, Clare and Kerry. Intelligently designed for heavy-duty work, PÖTTINGER ploughs ensure optimum load distribution and strength in the areas of highest stress. Ploughs with hydraulic furrow width adjustment and hydraulic trip leg system offer you maximum reliability and flexibility.

For the toughest jobs

The inside of the full-length micro-alloyed fine-grain steel plough beam tube is strengthened by two bolted reinforcements. This technology is unique on the market.

Maximum plough beam rigidity at the point of maximum bending stress.

  • The inner web increases resistance to flexing by up to 25 %.
  • The firm seating of the bolted reinforcement forms a high-strength unit.
  • No through bolts that could work loose. Secured using Nord-Lock washers.

Intelligent solution

The oversized main plough beam bearing extends 1330 mm (2200 mm on SERVO S version) to distribute forces acting on the beam up to well beyond the second body. The thick walls of the plough beam tube provide a secure seat for mounting plough legs and skims.

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