Nunan Farm Machinery supply the SERVO 25 light mounted reversible plough up to 120HP from Pottinger to Limerick, Cork, Clare and Kerry. Setting up the plough correctly ensures smooth and productive ploughing. Pottinger make it easy for you to adjust the plough to the tractor and soil conditions using the SERVOMATIC control centre. The front furrow width and pulling point are adjusted separately with ease and precision. The wide, infinitely variable range allows rapid setting for all conditions. Optimum pulling point adjustment guarantees low landside pressure, giving less wear and low fuel consumption. Turnbuckles with antitwist locks allow easy, accurate plough setting.

For tractors up to 120 hp Light power class ploughs for tractors up to 120 hp with SERVOMATIC central setting system for easy adjustment of pulling line. Plough is quickly adapted to every make of tractor for smooth and fuel-efficient ploughing. Available with 2, 3 and 4 furrows. NOVA version with hydraulic NONSTOP stone protection system.

Bolted reinforcement in main plough beam bearing On 4-furrow models there is an additional reinforcement bolted to the beam. No holes or welds that would weaken the beam.

Headstock The forged press-formed section reaches under the turnover shaft to increase strength. A double acting reversing cylinder with check valve is standard; hoses are not under pressure during ploughing. Three top link positions, including a slotted hole for faster penetration and lower linkage control.

Cat. 2 mounting axle, Cat. 3 optional The full-length mounting axle can be adjusted to four positions and has an anti-twist lock. The correct positioning on the tractor is therefore always retained to achieve optimum clearance at all times.

Turnover unit and turnover shaft The turnover shaft is a solid shaft with a diameter of 80 mm. The tapered roller bearings are tensioned and adjusted using a castellated nut. The beam angle is adjusted using two turnbuckles.

Welded moulded leg mounting brackets The bracket surrounds the plough beam tube with a large contact area to transfer forces to the beam. Solid body mountings on both sides Double-sided shear protection via shear bolts. Four furrow widths easily selected via hole matrix by moving a bolt.

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