Intelligent soil conservation Precision is vital when harvesting high quality forage. The more precisely the mower glides over the ground, the cleaner the forage remains.

Pottinger disk mowers give a “floating cut” with centre pivot mounting with maximum ground tracking, powerful suspension springs or hydraulic cylinders and intelligent kinematics. Drag resisitance is lowered by the contoured shape of the conical mower discs which also increase the effect of the paddles on crop flow. Tractor power requirement is lowered since the dynamic crop flow means the mower is operating at peak efficiency all the time. The slanted leading edge of the cutter bar allows the earth to flow beneath, separating it from the crop. There is a minimal gap between the upper edge of the cutter bar and the counter-rotating knives which means that even heavy, flattened crop, or dry unfertilised grass can be cut to the highest quality. Tidy and uniform cut due to optimised overlap of knife paths. The sward is protected through the design of the smooth underside of the cutter bar, rounded skids at both ends and no sharp edges.

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