For the perfect cut The PÖTTINGER trailed disc mowers mow efficiently on all surfaces even on uneven ground. The freedom of movement enabled by the cutter bar being suspended in the portal frame ensures that you get three-dimensional ground tracking. This guarantees the best forage in any given terrain.

High performance with small tractors You do not need any lifting power on the trailed version with chassis, so you can also use lower power tractors. This helps to save fuel. The NOVACAT 307 T trailed disc mower has a side drawbar which is folded hydraulically. The integrated check valve ensures that it locks in place. Mow on either side NOVACAT 3007 T and NOVACAT 3507 T offer you maximum flexibility. The central drawbar swivels hydraulically to both sides and enables you to mow on either side. Your mower will ideally adapt to your site conditions.

A lifting system that is convenient to use and provices a good ligting height is required when driving over a mowed crop. A special lifting system provides plenty of clearance for driving over large swaths without damaging them. 

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