A conditioner encourages faster and more even drying by crimping and crushes newly cut grass. A conditioner is made up of two grooved rollers which the grass is forced through. This causes the stalks to split, thus allowing the cell sap to leak out and also giving more surface area for evaporation. Stand-alone conditioners are no longer used on most farms, since the conditioner has been incorporated into mower-conditioners. These combine the mower and conditioner into a single machine. Nunan Farm Machinery supply the McHale Pro Glide range of front, rear and combination mowers to Limerick, Cork, Clare and Kerry. We also supply the Pottinger range of NOVACAT; rear mounted disc mower, front-type mower, trailed disk mower and the NOVADISK disk-type mower. From the MALONE range we supply the Malone mounted disk mower and the Malone trailed mower.

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